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Life Detox

Starting detox and weight loss program tomorrow

No booze after monday

Finish Harley Quinn costume by October 15
-20 lbs by Halloween
Bachelors degree and
-40 lbs (or more) by Thanksgiving
-56lbs (or more) by Xmas
Quit smoking by New Years
New job by April 2016
Car by July 2016

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Changed my mind.
Not ready to start therapy again. Not yet anyway.

But i also can’t keep self medicating like I’ve been doing….


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Only punched one wall today
And it wasn’t even brick!

I did snap at a couple people…
But that’s to be expected
Because they were being dumb asses and it was only right for someone to let them know.

It’s also been almost 24 hours since my last cigarette because I’m broke til tomorrow and i seem to have lost the pack I just bought :/

Surprisingly the cravings aren’t too bad yet…. oh and the bud helps too..but still; PROGRESS, right?



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