i’m stubborn. you can’t keep me down.

I’ve changed a lot in the past few years
behaviorally and mentally
4 years ago i was convinced that breaking free from my destruction was simply not an option
but i kept on fighting and i fought until i made breaking free the only fucking option
no matter how many times i relapse i know i can always get back on track. even if it takes a while, ill find a way. i have to. no matter how many times i wanted to give up on my heart, i can honestly say that i believe in true love.
some dont like who i have become and say that i lost who i really am
but the truth is, i just grew up
and even though i have changed a lot, I’m still me.
still have the same passion for dance and for writing.
still the same hip-hop addict.
Tupac Amaru Shakur is still the love of my life..even though he supposedly died when i was barely half a dozen years old.
i guess what matters most is that somehow i was able to come out of all of this alive; and I’m slowly learning to be happy and be content with life

im still working my ass off to get my degree [[hopefully ill be graduating june 2015 *crosses fingers* ]]

which will give me the opportunity to use everything that ive been through

and everything ive seen

who knows, maybe ill help someone as hardheaded as me

finally, something good as a result of this uncensored insanity.

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