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mary myers jones <3

mary myers jones







i couldnt cry when you passed away. even though my heart was bleeding and anyone who knew me, could see it clearly in my eyes.

i cant explain how much i miss you. even though it’s been years that you’ve been gone.

i love you. so much.

i miss you. i wish you could see me now. see how far i’ve come.

i think the tears are finally catching up with me.

someone told me i looked like you and i started bawling. i just cried and cried and cried.

i was so young when you went away. i was so lost. so confused. so fucked up in the head. i dealt with the pain by doing everything you would’ve told me not to do. but i’ve gotten past the stupid shit i used to use to heal myself. and i know you would be proud. i hope you’re looking down on me. i hope you see how hard i’ve tried. how much i’ve changed and grown.

i wish you were here.

i love you.

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miss you.

i need someone to play cards with. this is the only way i can think of to feel closer to my grandfather again, even though he passed away when i was 11.

i miss my grandfather. more than words can express. he was the greatest man to ever walk the face of the earth.

RIP ❤ Roger Jones.



i wonder if you meant it when you said you’d miss me

wonder why you stopped saying “i miss you too”

i wonder if you feel like im trying to suffocate you

i wonder if you roll your eyes

when i bombard you with messages

“morning babe! i miss youu <3”

or if they make you smirk or brighten your day

like the ones you send me do

i wonder if youve read the letters that ive sent

everyday since youve been away

i wonder if you’ll write me back

or if you’ll even have the time to say hey

i wonder why someone as wonderful as you

would waste time on someone like me

but i think its time for me to trust myself

time to stop all this wondering

so i wont give in

i wont back down

ill just sit here missing you

and in my heart

lies the hope

the hope that you miss me too

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not fair

i wrote this after a dream i had about my grandfather. he was my favorite person in the world and his death still has not fully hit me. it has been about 8 years since he passed away. i miss him more everyday. i still cant believe he’s gone.


its not fair

not fair that i cant see you

not fair that i cant feel you

not fair that i cant hear

you not fair that you left me here

not fair that im alone

not fair that i cant call you

not fair that i cant write to you

not fair that i had no warning

not fair that you didnt take me with you

not fair that i have to stay behind

not fair that im the one who will cry

not fair that you cant come back

not fair that i cant be mad

since i was little people have left

usually when i most needed them

now no one can earn my trust

im tired and tired of trying

people leaving and people lying

all this anger built up inside me

somehow some part of me is pissed off

pissed off at you for dying

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