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my favorite lighter :)

got freedom?

thank a soldier.

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Afghanistan? you left that part out.


why am i so in the dark about everything when it comes to you?

to your “job”?

when did germany become afghanistan?

why did this not seem like something that would be important to tell me?

i cried when you left.

but i wasnt too worried.

now i cant sleep until i know you’re home safe

i cant stop my thoughts from racing

im terrified

so afraid of losing you

of you being in harms way

i wish i never let you get away the first time

then maybe you never would have left this time

never would have gone away

you would be finishing up school

instead of risking your life


now everyday is nothing but a mystery

why did he

leave without telling me

what he was getting himself into




..sorry i cant even finish this right now. its too much to handle and im crying too hard to see the keyboard..

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