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Stream of conciousness

I hate the world more than I hate myself so everything’s fine.

Next person to ask me if I’m ok is getting decked

I really like the word decked

The blood on the bathroom floor looks too pretty to clean up…but i should probably do that sooner rather than later.

The only reason I havent relapsed in the past few years is its harder to tattoo scarred skin.

High workouts are really fun, but I almost cracked my head open this morning…so maybe I should stop….and maybe I have a concussion…but i dont taste metal so I think I’m ok

I feel weird wearing my tardis dress with my Yoda tattoo..is that weird?

I don’t like being sober anymore.

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the scars remind us…the past is real.

5 years, 1 month, 2 days.

never thought i’d get this far.

i’m a completely different person that i was back then. not just because i’ve grown up, but because i knew i had to commit to change.

i’m stronger than i ever thought i would be.

even when i don’t FEEL strong, i know i wouldn’t be here right now if i wasn’t.

i fought like hell to get my life back from my past. and i won.

it may never be easy, but i refuse to ever give up.

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Torn Apart

when i got the phone call
him saying goodbye
i held back my sadness
held back my cries
my release was unspoken
because tears don’t always work
hiding behind smiles and giggles and smirks

my hurt on the inside numbed
by another strong pain
but my cover, un-broken
as i played my own game

no one really knows
how i got over him
no one really knows
why i have scars on my skin
i’m the only one who knows
those scars represent my heart
battered and beaten and completely torn apart

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