allow me to reintroduce myself…

my name is alexandra. alexz. ally.

whatever. take your pick.

always laced up. EST19XX.

my passion? writing. dance. music. s factor. yoga.

writing has been my therapy for as long as i can remember.

it does for me what ex-laxdoes for bulimics.

its my way of flushing out all the shit that weighs me down and stresses me out.

i danced before i walked. i only have a handful of memories from my childhood in which i am not dancing.

all i wanted to do was dance dance dance. so that’s what i did. and i still haven’t stopped.

as a kid i preferred to sing everything, rather than just talk.

i have a few bad habits but have overcome more than anyone ever expected me to.

once an addict, always an addict. the important thing is not giving into your addictions.

control them rather than allowing them to control you.

i’m a tad bit narcissistic.

very short attention span. i get bored pretty easily.

very impulsive. small but dangerous.

i would NOT recommend fucking with someone that i care about,

because you WILL suffer the consequences.

that’s not a threat, its a promise.

i enjoy getting holes in my body

and getting murals on my skin

(in other words, i’m really like tattoos and piercings).

i have some moderate trust issues.

i hate being cold.

my best friend (my heart) and karen finley are my heros.

i DO believe in love at first sight.

i view every day as an opportunity to learn something about myself or the world.

in other news,

i am nocturnal and an insomniac.

i love love love shoes. my tiny feet make my sneaker obsession a lot less costly.

the only time you will see me without giant earrings is if im at work, asleep, or dancing.

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i am one of the most impatient people you will ever meet, but some things—well more like someONE– is (are) just worth waiting for.

5 thoughts on “allow me to reintroduce myself…

  1. liked the way u have spread ur thoughts across on this introduction …. Cheers!!!

    oh and great ink work 😀


  2. jaswrites says:

    Hello! Just encountered your blog, and you write very well! Continue to open your mind and pour your thoughts! 🙂
    Excellent title for the blog, by the way.


  3. My Ex used to have me do a lot of Yoga because she was an instructor. I miss it. There are no places to go now where I live.


  4. daileegirl says:

    i love the introduction, we have a lot in common. following you! xx


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