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i fall

for your shit





i hate you

i cant believe i let myself believe we were actually cool

i was surprised that we went that long without a huge fight

it was nice

i thought, “hey, maybe things really have started to change”


see thats where i fucked up

when it comes to you and me,

there is no such thing as change

at least no change that sticks

you can change for a few days..but its all just part of your game


the second i do something on my own and you dont have all of my time to control at your convenience,

you flip

completely fucking different person


so explain something to me

how does having my own life make me guilty of doing something wrong

how does having my own life give you reason or right to scream insults at me as though i am less than human

how does having my own life permit you to project all of your compounding anger onto me for absolutely no reason


ive made too many excuses for you

told too many lies for you

wasted too much of my life waiting for something to change

waiting for a miracle that i know will never come


im done waiting.

insanity is making the same decisions over and over and expecting a different outcome.

well im done being insane.

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the end of forever

somehow i fell for your lies over and over
though i tried to not back down when i said you and i were over
i tried to numb my feelings and i tried to block you out
out of sight out of mind
but i see you everytime i fuckin blink my eyes
theres no escaping you
even when we dont speak and youre not part of my life
somehow you find a way to sneak into the back of my mind
all the time
then when you need me you turn your charm on and no matter how hard i try i cant resist that fucking smile i cant say no to you i cant shoot you down
no matter how many times you broke my heart, i always gave you the benefit of the doubt
so what should i say to you when you tell me things have changed and then i see you walking down the street with her,
like everything is fine its all ok
i bite my tongue, dont say a word, toughen up
nothings wrong, im fine.
im so through with you and all the games you play
i simply drive away
i hope you have a nice life with the girl who caused you so much pain
you cant run to me to fix it anymore
so when your heart is shattered, all over the floor
just remember who you fucked over
who gave you nothing but support
remember who was always there
remember that i gave you chance after chance to appreciate me but you didnt care
you knew i wasnt going anywhere

now i look back for one last laugh
when you realize that you need me
and you turn around to run to me for comfort and dont see me
like a ghost i simply vanish
never again will you see or speak to me
too bad you lost your only friend
the girl who had your back
ride-or-die forever
thought this day would never come
but im gone.
forever has finally come to an end.

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