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Only punched one wall today
And it wasn’t even brick!

I did snap at a couple people…
But that’s to be expected
Because they were being dumb asses and it was only right for someone to let them know.

It’s also been almost 24 hours since my last cigarette because I’m broke til tomorrow and i seem to have lost the pack I just bought :/

Surprisingly the cravings aren’t too bad yet…. oh and the bud helps too..but still; PROGRESS, right?



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the scars remind us…the past is real.

5 years, 1 month, 2 days.

never thought i’d get this far.

i’m a completely different person that i was back then. not just because i’ve grown up, but because i knew i had to commit to change.

i’m stronger than i ever thought i would be.

even when i don’t FEEL strong, i know i wouldn’t be here right now if i wasn’t.

i fought like hell to get my life back from my past. and i won.

it may never be easy, but i refuse to ever give up.

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out of control? pfft

smoke blunts to make peace with the war in my head
then sleep like a baby, or party til im dead

i’ll out-dance and out-drink you
yes, you AND your friend
don’t believe it?
well shit…

my friends say




but in reality, i’m fine
i’ve partied way harder than this.
i’m having fun,

why’s that a crime?

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you make the sound of laughter….

and sharpened nails seem softer….
and i need you now, somehow…
and i need you now, somehow…

sandpaper tears corrode the film…and i need you now, somehow….and i need you now, somehow

[[ana’s song by Silverchair]]

sometimes i feel like the work i’ve put in over the past 8 years has been for nothing..and i’m right back where i began.

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