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Life Detox

Starting detox and weight loss program tomorrow

No booze after monday

Finish Harley Quinn costume by October 15
-20 lbs by Halloween
Bachelors degree and
-40 lbs (or more) by Thanksgiving
-56lbs (or more) by Xmas
Quit smoking by New Years
New job by April 2016
Car by July 2016

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Stream of conciousness

I hate the world more than I hate myself so everything’s fine.

Next person to ask me if I’m ok is getting decked

I really like the word decked

The blood on the bathroom floor looks too pretty to clean up…but i should probably do that sooner rather than later.

The only reason I havent relapsed in the past few years is its harder to tattoo scarred skin.

High workouts are really fun, but I almost cracked my head open this morning…so maybe I should stop….and maybe I have a concussion…but i dont taste metal so I think I’m ok

I feel weird wearing my tardis dress with my Yoda tattoo..is that weird?

I don’t like being sober anymore.

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No more drugs.
No more than 4 drinks a week.
Im stubborn and I have to prove him wrong.
…..but in the back of my mind, Sobriety Sucks.

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