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writer’s block


















sorry. that was a lot more aggressive than it needed to be.

I’ve gone a bit overboard with redbull and quitting smoking is making me a very unpleasant person. not an excuse; just context.


that is all.


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my 3 day vacation from life (in fangirl world)

first things first…. i sounded like a frog when i met stephen amell. way to go ally. way to go.

i thought i was calm…until i got to the front of the line. then i stopped breathing for a second and then proceeded to make an ass of myself lol

needless to say i was a bit overwhelmed hahahh

but i couldnt help it! his name is OLIVER QUEEN. good thing i haven’t failed this city. [[sidenote: if you understood that reference i love you]]

moving on.

as anyone who knows me knows, when it comes to comics, movies, tv shows, etc. I’m much more into villains and heroes that have a dark side.

so when i met Manu Bennett (Slade Wilson on Arrow) i was super-geeked. major fangirl moment…s

when he walked in i literally started jumping up and down hitting my mom on the shoulder “MOM MOM MOM MOM LOOK LOOK MOM LOOK MOM LOOK AHHHHHHHHHH” smh i dunno why i thought i could suppress my inner fangirl lol

i almost squealed when he said “the lighting is terrible in here, lets take a selfie” (instead of the volunteer person taking the picture) AHHHH

oh yeah. this is all out of context. hahah whoops.

so i went to walker stalker con. aka fangirl heaven….well almost fangirl heaven, because norman reedus wasn’t there 😥

met a ton of people (including: robbie amell, stephen amell, manu bennett, steven yeun, emily bett rickards, jose pablo cantillo, lew temple, sonequa martin-green, travis love, ironE singleton, and nestor carbonell)

got zombified:



went to some panels, bought a bunch of cool geeky stuff, spent my whole paycheck, and started my sleeve!!! 🙂


so yeah. to make a long story short: had some much-needed fun and got a much-needed 3 day weekend right before finals week.

some things i learned this weekend:

i should never carry cash because i spend way too much money

the cast of walking dead and arrow are real people and super down to earth (and robbie amell too! he’s especially awesome because he was distracted by the awesomeness of my new tattoo lol *fangirl yay*)

if/when i finally meet norman reedus i will probably not be able to form actual words and there is a very high chance that i will squeal like a 12 year old girl

i was mistaken to think i was over my tattoo addiction…i need more. NOW.

i have better aim than i thought and might actually be able to shoot a zombie in the head without missing a million times

laser tag is still as awesome as i remember it being….especially if zombies are involved.

thats all. for now. kthanksbye.

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