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this was quite possibly the biggest waste of time in the history of forever. fuck you computer for fucking up my paper the first time so i had to rewrite 60% of it after i had already spent hours and hours and hours writing it the FIRST time while being a stubborn perfectionist about it and refusing to sleep until it was absolutely perfect. fuck you microsoft word for freezing my computer when i went to save my final draft. fuck you time locks on stupid drop-boxes for online paper submission that wont let u submit your work if you are even one second past the deadline. fuck you depaul-online-course-website-bullshit that has never taken more than a few seconds to load but somehow took 17 minutes to load the ONE time i needed it to load quickly. fuck this shit. aghhhh. too fuckin tired to even process how frustrated i am right now. and the fuckin worst part is, the work i was attempting to submit contained some of the best and most thoroughly thought-out writing ive ever written. for any class. ever.



now that i got that out of my system.. i really hope this professor will cut me a break and let me submit this shit anyway. drop my grade i dont care, just as long as i can get SOME credit for it after i somehow managed to keep my eyes open and keep working and not say fuck it even though all i wanted to do was SLEEP lol. hopefully it will all work out and i wont have put my time and effort into a class just to fuck up my gpa. but if not, then whatever, the world will not collapse and it wont kill me. c’est la vie.
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