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no fear no regret

this is probably really choppy and probably doesnt make much sense…(due to the fact that i was dosing off as i was writing it..)


i swear i dont know what it is

what you do

is it your smile your eyes

the chills i get racing down my spine at the softest touch

as your skin grazes against mine

is it the way you talk or what you say

the butterflies in the pit of my stomach

the ones that only seem to come around when you pass my way…

with you i feel,


this fire it burns inside me begging pleading desperate to be released and then i feel your hand as it brushes over my skin

the slightest touch the softest whisper

the spark that lights the match that lights up a whole new world

see things in a whole new light

the fire of our mutual desire

burning through the pain of the past and the fears that it left

the walls i took so long to build to block out the world as if being alone would forever protect me,

those walls falling to ashes in front of my face

and i sit there and watch

i watch years of pushing people away and fencing myself in

years of forbidding myself to care or to let anyone care about


i watch myself let go of those years of isolation..i watch myself push them away and allow the fire to devour all these unneeded precautions

all the excuses up in flames

my shield my protection really more like a prison..

i watch as the gates open and the walls collapse

bricks crumbling as if my withdrawal from the world and this fort that i built was

nothing more than a child’s sandcastle,

being washed away by the rising tide.

i dont know how this happened

how i got here

but one thing i do know

the one lesson i though i could never learn

i can live

and i can trust.

who could have guessed that i could possibly live this kind of life.

from the girl who claimed “trust isn’t in my vocabulary”

to a woman simply deciding to live her life.

life with no fear life with no regrets.

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