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last week i was floating in the dead sea…now im drowning in my anger

just got back from israel.
found out i lost my scholarship. well.. its not GONE its just “suspended”
which is bullshit
having a job to pay (for) bills/rent/tuition/student loans/textbooks/etc. makes it a lot harder to maintain random ass eligibility requirements (unless you NEVER have to sleep at all, in which case it is slightly less difficult but still extremely challenging). suspending financial aid/scholarship funds increases the amount of money that a student needs to come up with in order to pay for school. chances are, this would require the student to (a) work more hours per week, (b) pick up a second job, (c) participate in various illegal activities for additional income, (d) waste time [that could be spent studying] searching for other sources of financial aid, (e) lose motivation and feel like just giving up, or (f) some combination of any/all of the above options. most (if not all) of these things are likely to result in a decline in the student’s performance in school, which was the inital problem that lead to the financial aid suspension.. so in actuality, this policy creates a cycle that makes it harder and harder for the student to be able to succeed, even if the student is capable of being successful in school and simply had a few rough quarters along the way.

im pissed, to say the least.
i work my ass off in school and in every other aspect of my life.. and this shit has got me to the point where i dont even see the point anymore.
the worst part is i actually was feeling really good about this quarter cuz so far all my classes seem pretty interesting and i actually like all my professors.

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