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Worst Day of the Year


I walk down the cold stairs.

Wishing that it were just any old day.

I see the signs my mom made,

For my little sister.

My sister who hasn’t been hurt,

At least not like I have.

Everyone’s smiling.

“Happy Val—”

No. Don’t even say it. Shut up. Leave me alone.

I walk through the kitchen, pretend to take my Zoloft, and then leave.


I walk, in the rain.

Ipod blasting angry songs into my aching ears.

Raindrops cover my face, hiding my tears.

I get to school and my dread was confirmed,

This is the worst day of the year.


Everyone cheerful

Smiling and laughing

Hugging and kissing

Cuddling and grasping

Love fills the air, but my heart’s filler with hate

I walk around by myself

All my friends with their mates

Look over my shoulder, and I see my ex-boyfriend

Wearing the hat I gave him, holding some other girl’s hand

I roll my eyes when he sees me, I pretend not to care

But lord knows I was wishing,

It was me over there.


The worst day of the year

Cursed with bad luck.

A day of tear and pain,

In the midst of all this lovey-dovey stuff

I hate it, I hate it

With all of my heart

I’m jealous, I admit it

Wishing I could take part


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