4 days without a cigarette while with my family. …..baaaaaaaaaad idea

3 panic attacks in one morning
Insanely exhausted now

but this is the most satisfying cigarette I’ve smoked in years


One thing I love about Germantown: no matter where I am on this property,  the view is gorgeous.

Going through a bit of city withdrawal,  but the sky at night makes up for it a little.  Never seen so many stars (even if it’s cloudy,  you can still see what a huge difference the light pollution of a big city makes).

I miss home though.  I can’t imagine living anywhere other than chicago for amy extended period of time. I know what its like to feel homesick,  after living in Utah for almost a year,  but this is a different kind of homesick.  I can’t really put my finger on it, but I just feel off somehow. Like my world is out of balance somehow.

I dunno.  Sometimes I think vacations are more stressful than anything else.

Hopefully today will be better now that I have some nicotine in my system.


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