one day at a time actually pays off


today was a FUCK YOU WE’RE THE SHIT BITCH day. hahahh

my closest work friend/life-coach is back from her vacation, which  means i have my go-to support back (both work-wise and lots-of-other-stuff-wise)

it also means i don’t have to control everything all by myself! yay teamwork! ahahhh.

aaand it means we’re back to being the absolute best starbucks. ever. in the history of the world. (our customers tell us this regularly. they hate going to other stores because they’re not as attentive or as fast as us…even though we’re one of the busiest stores in the country….so yeah. baaaaaaaaaaasicallyyyyy we’re the shit—-not to mention its been confirmed by a bunch of high-up corporate people)

ok I’m done being cocky…even though its justified…ok I’m really done now….i think.

these circumstances were especially good today because i was exhausted and had a budding migraine that i was able to fight off….but i was still kinda off my game at work. had this happened yesterday, we would’ve been FUCKED. so yeah. yay for people who know what the fuck they’re doing!!

aaaaanyway. decided to skip class today. i wasn’t in a go-to-class mood. instead i got a bunch of schoolwork done (instead of sleeping through a boring lecture) and made a ton of progress on a big paper/project thing that will be a HUGE percentage of my grade. then i did a mini-workout (as much as my body would let me after the horror show i put it through yesterday). then i took a shot, had a margarita, pampered myself, and CLEANED MY FUCKING APARTMENT.

i know.

fucking. crazy. right?

me? clean my apartment without anyone prompting me to do it?

but the best part is, it felt great to see the disaster before and the moderately organized and clean state it is currently in. drinking is the absolute best way to get through cleaning.

oddly, i have NO problem cleaning at work. I’m a fucking clean freak there. i climb into tiny spaces to scrub random ass tiles and walls most people can’t even reach. whenever i used to close i’d leave smelling like straight bleach. now, even though i open, i try to get most of the closing tasks done before i leave. when it comes to work, i actually enjoy cleaning. FUCKING WEIRD I KNOW. but by the time i get home I’m like aghhhfuckthatshit and i throw everything everywhere and its a fucking obstacle course of clothes and random shit i don’t need.

i forget how calming it is to actually be able to see the floor and the counters….and not have 5bajillion laundry baskets overflowing in every room

so yeah. so far, todays been pretty good,e specially compared to yesterday.

now its time to dance around like an idiot and then actually do some real choreography. YAY.

maybe ill even go for a run later?

no. fuck that i hate running.

but i did download this zombie running training app thing… maybe ill give it another chance.

who knows, zombies might make me not hate running….as much….i guess…possibly….we’ll see

ok I’m done bye



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