stupid jeans.

today was a fat day and i kinda feel like shit

even though i know its these stupid jeans that are not cut right and i should just throw them out, i cant

or maybe i wont

i dunno

they don’t look bad, they’re just a lot tighter in the waist-area than the other pair of the exact same jeans thats hiding somewhere in my closet. so they look fine but they’re really uncomfortable and they make me feel gross and fat. on the bright side, my ass does look pretty fucking amazing in these jeans. so i guess they’re not ALL bad.

today was the worst fat day I’ve had in a while.

instead of studying for my midterm after work i decided to workout until i could barely move which was conveniently right around the time i had to leave to get to my midterm on time

satisfying? yes.

endorphins? hell yes.

feel terrible and incredible at the same time like I’m going to take over the world and then collapse? YEP.

good idea? no.

i was definitely NOT prepared for that midterm. the questions were random as shit and the essay was really hard to answer in a “brief essay” that i only had 30 minutes to write.

we did watch part of A Beautiful Mind, which was inspiring, but cut into our exam time a lot.

but right now, all i want to do is keep working out until i beat my squats/burpies record

i feel gross. and disgusting.

i really hate fat days.


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