so close yet so far

i should be graduating at the end of this school year.

as long as i don’t fuck up too bad (again).

but I’m sitting here trying to plan my classes and everything sounds boring as fuck. i need something that is going to keep my attention so that i’ll be less likely to fuck up. but everything is just blahblahLOTSOFREADINGBLAHHHHHH I’m tired of school I’m tired of bullshit classes that teach me nothing. there have been very few classes where i’ve really learned anything that i can actually use. disgustingly few considering how fucking long i’ve been going to this fucking school.

maybe I’m just being a bitch

but whatever

I’m sleep deprived, uncomfortable, and just realized i haven’t eaten since lunch yesterday.

i need to stop doing that.

before i can’t stop doing that.


ok im done

for now

time to go sit through a super long class that I’m hoping will actually be somewhat interesting [human sexuality]




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