I really don’t want to go to class
I watched the bears game on my Kindle in class yesterday while my idiot teacher lectured about shit he knows nothing about.
I really want to try acid… but it kind of terrifies me because of the fucked up hallucinations I used to have on sleeping pills and shit like that….but i still really want to try it…maybe when I’m more stable tho….

Pretty much any time I hear a Jim hendrix song (like right now) I think about whether or not I should just woman up and try it. Yes i said woman up.

I’m a feminist but that doesn’t mean I have to hate men. Feminism is about equality and fair equal rights for everyone, regardless of gender.

Mary J Blige is fucking incredible. ..ok that’s not really a confession,  but it is true.
I’ve gone to class drunk
I’ve gone to class high
Some classes I never attend sober
I’m gonna be late to class tonight because I lost track of time choreographing. Woops.
The only reason I actually care is the room is super small and it’s a pain to find a seat if you get there late


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