Close call or overreaction?

Woke up in the shower in what looked like a pool of blood (i quickly realized it was really just bloody water…but that’s not the point).
Couldn’t have been out for more than a couple minutes cuz I didn’t even get home til 945. Not sure exactly how but I’m guessing I fell or passed out or something. Definitely hit my face on the tub. My nose stopped bleeding after 10 mins or so, but I must’ve swallowed a lot (or something like that) because I keep coughing it up. My face is throbbing.
Weirdest thing is I didn’t flip out when I woke up like that. I just started laughing. Like what the fuck did I do now?
Now that I’m thinking about it tho, it’s kinda  starting to freak me out. Lots of what ifs going through my head…
I mean, I’m fine…..but I still have no clue what happened.

I’m sure I’m just overreacting tho…

Crossing my fingers that I don’t wake up tomorrow looking like I got my ass beat.


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