Fuck today.

Today was stressful.. to say the least. Almost passed out at work (still really lightheaded),  thought i was broken,  got zero real answers from my doctor (or from anybody at all today),  had a complete emotional breakdown triggered by something i now see is incredibly stupid (yet i still feel like total shit), and now i can’t sleep because i thought i heard someone trying to break into my house. 
A couple months ago i fell asleep on the couch and when i woke up there was someone trying to force the back door open. Because I had no contacts or glasses on, I did not realize it was an actual person until we made eye contact. Since then my sleep has been even more fucked up than usual. Every little noise wakes me up. 
Even watching Boondock Saints and Fringe didn’t cheer me up.  It may sound stupid but recently that’s been my go-to escape. 
I’m so fucking tired. I just want to rest and for this shit day to be over. 


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