crash and burn

found this scribbled on post-its inside my textbook. don’t really remember writing it but according to the date i wrote it last week…..

why give up the highs if you still have to feel the lows

tattoos weed booze and adderall i stick with what i know

you have a manic monday but i been manic all damn week

can tell by the state of my apartment or the fact i didn’t eat (shiiiit)

hallucinating like its nothing

seeing shit from the corner of my eye

tryna sleep with all the lights on as the hours rushing by

boozeboozebooze everywhere

and a fifth under my bed

got a knife stashed in my pillowcase keep it right under my head

got some writing on my wall and a novel on my leg and some scribbled nonsense here and there

i just pray this doesn’t end

cuz when manic ally slips away the low’s just bound to hit


so i cling to my insanity

and hope for one more day

why give this up if the shit’s still there

no way in hell to escape


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