black box through bipolar eyes (part 2 **SPOILERS AHEAD**)


as i predicted…the passion in dr bickman and dr black’s relationship (which now that i think about it kind of resembles mania) exploded and then plummeted (kind of) when his feelings for her begin to affect his work and he decides they need to take a break. in some instances, even dealing with someone with bipolar, this may not be a big deal. unfortunately in catherine’s current state–especially after ending her relationship with will and being unstable in other areas of her life (challenges with her brother as pretty much her entire primary support system, unstable meds, etc.)–this was essentially a recipe for disaster. the second it happened i said (out loud), “oh no. he does not realize the shitstorm he just triggered.” but i still believed (and still do believe) that he could be really good for her and had he known about her condition, he would not have handled it as terribly as will did. buuuuuuuut i don’t think he would walk on eggshells with her either.

i’m about to watch the finale (which i believe is actually 2 consecutive episodes)
so we’ll see where this mania leads to.
but i’m sticking to my belief that dr. black and dr. bickman could be really good for eachother.


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