black box part 3 **spoilers**

soooo first off, i was right
secondly, fuck that bitch psychiatrist
thirdly, fuck that jealous bitch
fourthly, fuck that bitch who says he’s gonna trust her and then throws it all in her face

let me be clear, i do not believe that any relationship EVER can be 100% healthy all the time. it just doesn’t happen. and if it does, i sure as hell can’t see how. i do not think jumping into a relationship with bickman right after getting back from treatment would be a good idea. i do however believe that he is the right person for dr black (or someone like him or whatever). he accepts her, bipolar and all. he backs her up when everyone else is doubting her and only seeing her as BIPOLAR instead of a brilliant doctor with bipolar. he tells her he cares and its clear that things are different between them.

as for my second point: i think that psychiatrist should be fired and lose her license. there are many reasons for this. 1: if you understand bipolar so much and you knew dr black was in a severe enough state the she needed to be inpatient, you should have known that she was not going to say YES to being locked away in a treatment facility that easily. 2: criticizing someone (whether its personal or not) is not a good idea when they are fresh out of treatment. 3: when someone confides in you (regardless of whether they are actually a patient or not) you should never speak to them in such a condescending manner. “i don’t think you should be here” well bitch i KNOW you shouldnt be there so shut the fuck up and go learn some shit.

moving on.
i get that that girl is jealous. i probably would be too. but running to the boss and being a little tattle tale is not going to make things better for you. thats just fucked up and vindictive

lastly: the oxy thing was a symptom of her bipolar, it happened once, and it didn’t harm any patients
i get that its not really legal and blahblahblah but he should have at the very least came to her about it and asked her instead of (while her patient is in the middle of surgery) just talking up and firing her with no warning or explanation. fuck that. even if you’re gonna fire her, after everything you should have at least found a better way to go about doing it.


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