spring break. finally.

finals are overrrrrrrr

somehow i managed to survive. 

went shopping to celebrate. 

may have gone a little overboard but oh well




[thats probably about half of the comics and books i bought today]

I’m incredibly relieved that this quarter is finally over and so far I’m happy with my grades (and confident in the ones that haven’t been posted yet). 


but yeah.

i have some catching up to do. 

while most college students’ idea of a great spring break is somewhere with booze, sand, and partying; I’m just happy to have a chance to get some rest, read something other than textbooks, day drink when/wherever i want, and get my hours at work so i can bulk up my “reedus rewards fund.” 




that being said; its time for my wine nap.

go ahead, judge me. and be jealous of my new batman pimp cup. 


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