letter to the alphabet

dear alphabet,


i’m writing to request the removal of the letter j.

nothing good comes from it, i have to say. 

junk jerks jealousy and jumping to conclusions

certain people, i wont name names,

but i will say they start with j


maybe if the letter never existed

than i wouldnt have picked him when my heart was all twisted

i used to love the letter, 

but i used it as an excuse

to not take the risk i wanted to take and choose who i wanted to choose

and maybe if i hadnt fucked up all those years ago, that day

than maybe i’d be happy now, and not hate the letter j


and even though i apologized and tried to make up for my mistake, 

it sometimes feels like because of that, we can never be the same

because i was an idiot, you’ll never take the risk

because trusting me has proved to be a disaster not worth shit

so no matter how hard i wish upon that stupid shooting star

because of that stupid fucking letter everything fucking fell apart

so ill say i fucking love you until my lungs begin to bleed

but deep down i wonder if you’ll ever really trust me


and dont get me started on jealousy

because thats never been my thing. 

i didnt give a flying fuck about bitches round the way

but somehow the jealousy virus has found its way into my veins because im constantly comparing and competing with these dames

shit fucks with my head and gets under my skin

and im beginning to believe this letter is the reason for all of this. 

so alphabet please hear me and understand my pain

because i dont know how else to fix this, 

the letter j is jinxed. 



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