when i was young and dumb i stole a pregnancy test from the drugstore down the street.

since then, every single time i’ve purchased one at that store (even if its a different location), i always end up with a defective test or inaccurate results. it even happened twice when i bought them for a friend who was uncomfortable buying them for herself.

i know karma is supposed to affect your next life, but every time i go to this store now i think about how i shouldn’t have stolen that test lol.

i’ve also noticed that every time i have a “pregnancy scare” (or whatever you wanna call it), i see babies and pregnant ladies everywhere i go, more than usual. and it drives me crazy. at times i want to yell out loud like, “OK I GET IT ILL BUY A FUCKING TEST.” but then i just laugh at myself because i know im just being paranoid and completely rediculous.

lol sorry. had to get that out of my system.

that is all.



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