greatest discovery in the history of forever

my doctor refuses to give me anything for my migraines because she is convinced i need to deal with all the other “problems” before we can address my migraines (lack of sleep, overworking myself with a job and school, forgetting to eat or just not having time, cigarette habit, abnormally high daily caffeine intake, etc). first of all, that’s bullshit because although “fixing” some of those things may help with my migraines, i’ve had them for longer than ive had any of those other “problems” and getting migraines on a weekly basis is NOT SAFE regardless of the other issues involved. i get migraines 3-5 times/week on average (this sounds like an exaggeration but i’ve been tracking my migraines for the last 3 months, and a week with only 3 migraines feels like a fucking blessing.) my migraines typically last 4-8 hrs; during which i am extremely sensitive to light and noise (sunglasses inside, all lights off, all shades closed, covering my head with the thickest blankets i can find to block out the light, wearing earmuffs to block out the sound, etc), im usually nauseous and/or vomiting, and my head feels as though it is being repeatedly run over by a truck. i have dizzy spells and/or become very disoriented. im standing, i usually have to lean on something or hold onto something so that i dont fall. i experience double vision and blurred vision (i’ve even fallen down stairs because of this in combination with my dizziness). overall, when i have a migraine i am in excruciating pain and it becomes extremely hard to function at all (even simple/mindless tasks can be nearly impossible to complete).

now the good news.
after years of searching i’ve finally found something that helps get rid of my migraines.

i now understand the healing power of maryjane and see the potential of medical marijuana. in all seriousness, i’ve tried hundreds of things to help with my migraines and NOTHING has helped until now (other than excedrin, which doesn’t help nearly as much)

ok so that was kinda rambling for a while
but the point is,
medical marijuana should be legalized in all states. i honestly believe that the benefits to patients using it for medicinal purposes GREATLY OUTWEIGH any risk of (or resulting from) abuse of the substance for non-medicinal purposes.

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