mary myers jones <3

mary myers jones







i couldnt cry when you passed away. even though my heart was bleeding and anyone who knew me, could see it clearly in my eyes.

i cant explain how much i miss you. even though it’s been years that you’ve been gone.

i love you. so much.

i miss you. i wish you could see me now. see how far i’ve come.

i think the tears are finally catching up with me.

someone told me i looked like you and i started bawling. i just cried and cried and cried.

i was so young when you went away. i was so lost. so confused. so fucked up in the head. i dealt with the pain by doing everything you would’ve told me not to do. but i’ve gotten past the stupid shit i used to use to heal myself. and i know you would be proud. i hope you’re looking down on me. i hope you see how hard i’ve tried. how much i’ve changed and grown.

i wish you were here.

i love you.

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