dear world

dear world,

i am  me. take it or leave it.

i walk into walls when im sober. i dance into them when im drunk. i stumble into them when im tired. and i build them around myself when i get hurt.

walls are a big part of my life. if you cant handle that, then i suggest you leave now.

but when you make it past my walls and are done laughing at how often i collide with the walls in my apartment, you will find that im actually a pretty awesome person. too bad i dont always remember that.

i’d be a lot more awesome if i realized my awesomeness on a regular basis instead of being so fucking critical of myself all the time.


im married to a beautiful being named maryjane. we’ve been fighting lately. she likes to leave me and sleep around with my friends. but we’re chillin right now…she always comes back when i need her most 🙂

ive been super-stressed lately. partying a lot. drinking too much. but im a college student in chicago, what else do you expect?

my birthday is friday. im worried it will be like my previous few birthdays (which were all bullshit). but im hoping for the best. ❤


that is all for now i suppose.

peace, love, and bloody knuckles;



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