dear world,

dear world,
fuck you if you have an issue with me. im going to be happy and get my life together whether you try and fuck me over or not. to anyone who has a problem with me, i dont give a fuck, get the fuck over it. i dont have time for people like you in my life. to anyone who doesn’t like me, GOOD, i dont need you to like me, now leave me the fuck alone. to anyone who wants to start shit, start it somewhere else, cuz you’re wasting your time with me.
to the insecure bitches and assholes from my past that feel the need to try to pull me back down with them, get over yourself, there’s a REASON why you didn’t make it to my PRESENT or my FUTURE. that being said, stay the fuck away from me with that bullshit.
i refuse to let this shit hold me back. i have finals, bills, and MY OWN RESPONSIBILITIES to worry about, i dont have time for nonsense like this.
sincerely, ME

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