i wonder if you meant it when you said you’d miss me

wonder why you stopped saying “i miss you too”

i wonder if you feel like im trying to suffocate you

i wonder if you roll your eyes

when i bombard you with messages

“morning babe! i miss youu <3”

or if they make you smirk or brighten your day

like the ones you send me do

i wonder if youve read the letters that ive sent

everyday since youve been away

i wonder if you’ll write me back

or if you’ll even have the time to say hey

i wonder why someone as wonderful as you

would waste time on someone like me

but i think its time for me to trust myself

time to stop all this wondering

so i wont give in

i wont back down

ill just sit here missing you

and in my heart

lies the hope

the hope that you miss me too

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