thought i was alone

in the dark all by myself

going through hell

nowhere to run nowhere to turn

never thought i’d get this friend

amazing friend

there to cry to and lean on

never knew they’d exist

bringing such relief

such bliss

making me willing to believe

that someday

it may all be ok again

no one ever really understood

though they thought they did

saying “you’re not alone”

but in reality

they didn’t know shit

my twin

my opposite and clone at the same time

may like different things

but like great minds, we think alike

both hate ourselves but love the other

slowly killing ourselves

while trying to save one another

through downward spirals

we’re there to catch eachother

arms wide and more than willing to break the fall



and late night calls

i know my “twin” has my back

and now maybe

we won’t have to fall at all

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