Revocate Animos

it means recover your courage.

i was born on july 8th. that makes me a cancer. my anger and my “badass” attitude are like a crabs pinchers. my inability to trust and my tendency to try to hide my feelings from the people i care about–thats my shell. but the truth is, underneath it all, im just a young woman who’s sick of being hurt and tired of backing down.

i saw my ex today. it pissed me off that he tried to act like nothing happened. like we’re supposed to be all buddy-buddy and shit.

bitch please. did you forget who i am? did you forget what you did? did you forget how i snapped cuz i was fed up with your games? how i screamed at you, told you i hated you, and i refused to keep putting up with all of your bullshit?

you took my courage away from me for far too long and when i finally took it back, i held onto it like my fucking life depended on it. im doing just fine on my own. i swear i think you took years off my life by all the stress you put me under. now im free. i do what i want. you will never know who i talk to you will never know who i kiss you will never know who i fall for you will never know how much better i feel when you are out of my life. i hate that i saw you but i wont let you have the satisfaction of having even the slightest control over my life and my emotions. so as you would say, “haha thats what you get” cuz im doin me and you cant stop me or change my mind. i am completely numb when it comes to you, both my shell and inside.


2 thoughts on “Revocate Animos

  1. Jingle says:

    cheer up,
    move on and let go…
    be happy,
    you deserve happiness.


  2. Jingle says:

    hello, friend:

    I invite you to Attend Thursday Poets Rally Week 29, linking in a poem by commenting,

    Happy Thursday!


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