tired of being tired

wayne said it best..

“im sick of bein sick

and tired of bein tired”

one thing ive learned in my 2 decades of life is

to do something yourself is the only way

to know that that something has been done right

for years i felt lost, ran from reality into my own little world

but i got sick of running

sick of being fed up

with where my life was heading

and tired of being tired of

the life that i was living

so i searched and i searched and i found myself again

its nice to know that

i know who i am

i know who i was

i know who im not

i know what i hope to become

i know what i hope to accomplish

i refuse to let anyone or anything control my life

i make my own decisions

i have my own mind

nothing is going to get in my way

i wont let anything hold me down again

its the little things that keep me from giving into the rage

i know im worth a lot more than anyone ever gave

so i do what i want

i do as i please

throwing regret out the window

see it fade through my rear view

driving away from the negativity that in the past i always ran to

i may always be an addict

but never again will i let my addictions dictate how i choose to live my life

no more running from hurt

no more masking the pain

im facing my fears head on

and nothing can stand in my way

the secret to my survival was realizing

that the only one

who can save me from me…

is me

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3 thoughts on “tired of being tired

  1. Margarita Corazon says:

    love yourself. be happy. 🙂


  2. thank youu 🙂
    its one of my favorites, not really my best work, but one of the more meaningful poems ive writen


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