in progress…might be kinda choppy because i stopped writing to go outside and dance

the rain pours down on her

she can barely see two inches in front of her face

but she doesnt care

thunder explodes in the distance

as lightning lights up the night sky

only a fool would be out on such a stormy night

but she could not resist it

the storm was such a beautiful sight

you could call her a fool

tell her she’s crazy for being out there

but why would she listen to you?

why the hell should she care?

the rain pours and pours

she’s soaking wet

drenched head to toe

from her shoes to her hair

but this is her therapy

so she just doesn’t care

with her old boom box radio

turned up to its max

she lets go of the stress

lets herself relax

as the music seeps into her bloodsteam

as her muscles react

while everyone else hides inside

there is no other time that she feels so alive

nothing feels greater than the rain on her skin

the feeling she gets as her arms

cut through the wind

and slice through the raindrops

adrenaline building as she releases her tension

her anger

her pain

its almost as if she could fling it away

life never seemed as clear to her as it did when she was spinning

she’s sobbing and yelling

but no one can see and no one can hear her

no one except me

the heartache and pain that she hides everyday

she lets it all out

with every cabriole

chaînés, failli,  fouetté, jeté


her passion rises in a graceful arabesque

she’s spinning and spinning

like she wont ever stop

brisé volé

she does it all

ballet jazz modern hiphop tap

whatever it takes to break down her fears

she dances out in that rain

for hours and hours

tears washing away

her smile sneaks back to her face as she feels the stress and pain finally begin to fade

she just dances and dances and dances

until she is one.

one with the rain.

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