nothing phases me

«written june2009»

without all the bullshit ive been through, i wouldnt have the motivation i have now to change my life
so thanks to everybody who has ever mistreated me or has taken advantage of me
cuz nothing you do is a surprise anymore.
and nothing that anyone does to me in the future will ever bring me down because ive been thru hell and back and im still alive.
i know whatever life throws at me, i can get thru it and tho it might be hard nothing will ever bring me down again.
in all of your attempts to bring me down,
you have made me a stronger person
im starting to figure out what i want
what i need

women like me are rare.
its not often that u will find someone who will have ur back no matter what.
its not everyday that u get a friend who will help u out in any situation.
but i guess the saying is true..u dont know what u got til its gone.

u never know. one day u might wake up, and i wont be there.
some day u will realize my worth, but i will be long gone.

its time i start living for me.

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