wrote this a few months ago… not my greatest work ever, but writing it helped me get through a really shitty day


you sigh..
well FUCK YOU,
dont say i didnt try
its simply a waste of my time
and energy, to fight
when im frozen in time
as im drowning in lies
that you spit out like lines
so rehearsed
so dense i cant swim
cant swim through any of it,
your never-ending bullshit.

its flooding the room
as you sit back and grin
finding sheer entertainment
somewhere within
my gasps for air my flailing limbs
thats when i give in
and my lungs start to fill
slowly running out of air
replaced with mendacity,
with such intricate tales,
extravagant fabrications,
you think your lies are impenetrable
thicker than smoke
when mary jane burns
like a fool i trusted you
trusted and fell for
fib after fib
lie after lie
time after time
excuses and explanations
each less likely than the next
as the words continue to flow
i hear nothing but “blah”s
you speak
speak without
a single drop
of any truth
no truth to dilute
the tall tales that you tell
the deception
the fictitious guile
that you keep vomiting out

dont know how much longer
how much longer i can hold on
down to my final breath
this is the last straw
i inhale one last time
and as i breathe out
i let everything go
i let it all out

in a last leap of faith
with fragments of energy and splinters of strength
i whisper your name
you turn to face me
for once like a man
as my lungs collapse
and my heart ceases to beat
i look you in the eyes and smile
as you begin
to catch on to my plan
i finally win
the fear in your eyes
simply priceless
i can see your heartbeat
come to a stop
“you’re coming with me”
and with that
we both drop

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